Can Tree Frogs Eat Mealworms? (Everything to Know)

Can tree frogs eat mealworms

Adult frogs are obligate carnivores, which means eat only animal matter, and will not eat plant matter. They feed primarily on worms, insects, and other invertebrates – but they are not selective with what they eat. But can tree frogs eat mealworms?   Tree frogs can eat mealworms, but they are not the best food … Read more

What Do Frog Eggs Look Like? (ID Guide + 42 Helpful Pictures

What do frog eggs look like

When the winter ends, and the warm and wet spring weather comes, frogs emerge from hibernation and migrate to ponds to mate and lay their eggs. But what do frog eggs look like? Most frogs lay eggs in the water. Frog eggs laid in the water look like a clump of clear jelly-like globs, with … Read more

Do Frogs Eat Snails? (Everything to Know)

Do frogs eat snails

Frogs are generalist carnivores that feast on worms bugs and a wide variety of other prey. They aren’t very picky with what they eat, so almost any prey they can catch and fit into their mouths is on the menu. But do frogs eat snails? In general, frogs do eat snails and slugs. They are … Read more

What Do Gray Tree Frogs Eat?

Gray tree frogs are fairly large tree frogs with rough, warty skin. Like most other frogs, they are obligate carnivores as adults, which means they eat animal protein instead of plants or vegetation. Gray tree frogs are opportunistic predators – but they are mainly insectivores. In the wild, gray tree frogs eat worms, snails, spiders, … Read more

Do Frogs Eat Tadpoles? Everything You Need to Know

Frogs have very diverse diets and aren’t picky with what they eat. They are mainly insectivores, which means their diet consists mostly of insects and other small invertebrates. However, they will eat almost any prey they can fit into their mouths. But do frogs eat tadpoles? In general, frogs do eat other frogs’ tadpoles and … Read more

Do Frogs Attract Snakes? (+12 Useful Tips to Keep Frogs Away

Frogs are amphibians that love wet moist environments. For this reason, they are often attracted to gardens and yards with a pond. Even watering your lawn can attract any frogs that may be close by. But do frogs attract snakes? In general, frogs do attract snakes. Frogs are one of the main prey species for … Read more