Are Gray Tree Frogs Poisonous to Humans, Dogs, or Cats?

are gray tree frogs poisonous

Gray tree frogs are fairly large tree frogs ( 1 – 2 inches in length) with rough, warty skin. Despite their name, not all gray tree frogs are actually gray. They vary in coloration from mottled gray or brownish-gray to light green, but their color can change depending on their environment. But are gray tree … Read more

Can Tree Frogs Swim? [Fully Answered]

Gray tree frog swimming in a pond

Most people know that frogs that love to hang around ponds and other water bodies are very efficient swimmers. But since tree frogs spend most of their time in or around trees, you may be wondering if they too can swim. Tree frogs can swim – however, they generally live a very terrestrial life, so … Read more

Are Leopard Frogs Poisonous to Humans or Pets? (Dogs, Cats)

Are leopard frogs poisonous?

Leopard frogs are small frogs found across much of the Northern part of North America. These frogs vary in color between species, but can easily be identified by their dark spots which form a leopard-like pattern. But are leopard frogs poisonous? Leopard frogs are not poisonous. They do not produce any skin toxins and are … Read more

How Long Can Frogs Stay Underwater? [4 Important Factors]

Many people know that frogs love to spend a lot of their time in streams, ponds, and other water bodies. But how long can frogs stay underwater? Frog tadpoles (baby frogs) have gills and can stay underwater almost indefinitely. As adults, frogs lose their gills and can only stay underwater for a limited time. Depending … Read more