Spotted Salamander Eggs: Facts & Identification (+ Pictures)

Like most salamanders, spotted salamanders (sometimes called yellow-spotted salamanders) reproduce by laying eggs. These eggs are laid in the water and attached to twigs, grass, or other vegetation just slightly below the surface of the water. Many spotted salamanders may lay eggs in the same place, so it is common to find dozens of egg … Read more

What Spotted Salamanders Do and Don’t Eat – Ultimate Guide

what spotted salamanders eat

Spotted salamanders are colorful amphibians found in parts of the eastern United States and Canada. These salamanders are easily identifiable by their bluish-black skin, and the beautiful yellow spots extending from their head to tail. But what do spotted salamanders eat? Spotted salamanders are opportunistic carnivores that will eat almost any prey that can fit … Read more

Are Spotted Salamanders Poisonous to Humans or Pets?

Are yellow spotted salamanders poisonous, dogs or cats

Spotted Salamanders, also called yellow-spotted salamanders, are secretive amphibians found throughout much of the eastern United States and Canada. These salamanders are occasionally sold as pets but are somewhat rare because they are protected in large portions of their natural range. Like many amphibians, Spotted salamanders produce poisonous skin secretions that make them taste bad … Read more