Are Newts Poisonous to Dogs? [Fully Answered]

Are newts toxic to dogs?

Dogs are natural predators, so it is common for them to chase and catch smaller animals in their mouths. Sometimes, these “smaller animals” may include certain species of newts. But are newts poisonous to dogs? All newts produce toxic skin secretions that can be very irritating or even lethal when ingested by a dog. This … Read more

How Long Can Newts Stay Underwater? [4 Important Factors]

How long can newts stay underwater

Many people know that newts love to spend a lot of their time in streams, ponds, and other water bodies. During the winter, they will sometimes even hibernate at the very bottom of ponds to protect themselves from the frost. But how long can newts stay underwater? Newt larvae (baby newts) have gills and can … Read more

Are Fire Belly Newts Poisonous to Humans or Pets?

Fire belly newts, (sometimes called Fire-Bellied Newts) are originally from Asia and are one of the most popular non-native newts kept as pets in the United States. These newts are actually two different species, but they are so similar that they are often referred to as a single species. But are fire belly newts poisonous? … Read more

Are Eastern Red-Spotted Newts Poisonous to Humans or Pets?

Are eastern newts poisonous

Eastern newts (sometimes called eastern red-spotted newts) are found across much of the eastern united states and up into Canada. These newts are easy to identify by their olive-green coloration and the black-bordered red spots along their back. But are eastern newts poisonous? Eastern red-spotted newts produce a highly poisonous toxin known as tetrodotoxin as … Read more

Can Newts Swim? [What You Need to Know]

Can newts swim?

Almost everyone who sees them agrees that newts are endearing little creatures. They make amusing pets and are relatively easy to maintain. However, many people have misconceptions about these little amphibians. So, can newts swim? All newts can swim. They are semi-aquatic creatures (they live both on land and in the water) as adults and … Read more

Salamander Eggs vs Frog Eggs vs Toad Eggs vs Newt Eggs

When the winter ends and warmer spring temperatures arrive, amphibians emerge from hibernation and migrate to breeding sites to lay their eggs. Most amphibians will lay their eggs in the water, but many will lay their eggs on land. Amphibian eggs laid in the water can be difficult to tell apart unless you have a … Read more