Frog Eggs Vs Toad Eggs

When the winter ends and warmer spring temperatures arrive, amphibians emerge from hibernation and migrate to breeding sites to lay their eggs. Most frogs and toads will lay their eggs in the water, but many will lay their eggs on land. Amphibian eggs laid in the water can be difficult to tell apart unless you … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About American Toad Eggs

American toad eggs.

American toads ((Anaxyrus americanus) are the most broadly distributed species of true toads (Bufonidae) in North America. They can be found in most areas of eastern Canada and the United States. Like most toads, American toads reproduce by laying eggs. The eggs are laid in jelly-like strings, along plants, or on the bottoms of shallow … Read more

Frog Tadpoles vs Toad Tadpoles

Frogs and toads have many things in common. They are both amphibians in the order Anura, which means “without a tail” in Ancient Greek. They both lay their eggs in water and their tadpoles look very similar. Frog tadpoles tend to be longer and slimmer than toad tadpoles, which tend to be short and chunky. … Read more

Do Toads Like Water?

Toads like water

Many people know that most frogs love to hang around water and are very efficient swimmers. Toads are a type of frog, so you may be wondering if they too like water. Most toads require water to lay their eggs, and for their tadpoles to develop. However, once the tadpoles complete metamorphosis and transform into … Read more

How Do Toads Drink Water?

How do toads drink water

All living things need water to survive. Water plays a vital role in the regulation of toads’ body fluids, and allows their bodies to keep up with important functions, such as getting rid of wastes and bringing nutrients to cells. Toads do not drink water through their mouths like we do. Instead, they rehydrate by … Read more

Where Do Toads Sleep?

There are also many misconceptions about toads. A few researchers previously reported that some frogs and toads never sleep. However, these ideas have been challenged, and the current scientific consensus is that virtually all animals (including all toads), show some form of sleep or at least sleep-like states. In general, toads will sleep in cool … Read more