What Red-Backed Salamanders Do and Don’t Eat- Ultimate Guide

What do red-backed salamanders eat

Red-backed salamanders (also called redback salamanders) are one of the most common salamander species in North America. They are often associated with decaying logs or leaf litter on the forest floor, where they spend most of their time hidden. At night, they leave their hiding spots to forage for food. Like most salamanders, red-backed salamanders … Read more

Are Red-Backed Salamanders Poisonous?

Red-backed salamander on a yellow leaf

Red-back salamanders (also called redback salamanders) are common across the eastern and central United States. These salamanders are usually found in forest areas but often wander into people’s backyards. You may have seen one of these salamanders and wondered if they are poisonous.  Red-backed salamanders are very mildly poisonous. They have glands that secrete a … Read more