Everything You Need To Know About American Toad Eggs

American toad eggs.

American toads ((Anaxyrus americanus) are the most broadly distributed species of true toads (Bufonidae) in North America. They can be found in most areas of eastern Canada and the United States. Like most toads, American toads reproduce by laying eggs. The eggs are laid in jelly-like strings, along plants, or on the bottoms of shallow … Read more

What Do American Toads Eat?

What do American toads eat?

The American toad (Anaxyrus americanus) is a common species of toad found throughout Canada and the eastern United States. Like most other toads, American toads are obligate carnivores as adults, which means they only eat animal-based and do not eat plants. American toads are generalist predators and will eat almost any prey they can catch, … Read more

Are American Toads Poisonous to Humans, Dogs, or Cats?

Are American toads poisonous?

American toads are medium-sized toads found throughout the eastern United States and Canada. They generally have a brown or reddish coloration, with scattered dark spots each encircling one to three wart-like bumps on the back. But are American toads poisonous? American toads are mildly poisonous. They have large parotid glands behind the eyes, and warty … Read more