What Marbled Salamanders Do and Don’t Eat – Ultimate Guide

What do marbled salamanders eat in the wild and in captivity

Marbled salamanders are beautiful amphibians characterized by their black body with silvery-gray markings. These salamanders are a popular pet for beginners due to their small size and general hardiness. Like all terrestrial salamanders, marbled salamanders are strict carnivores, which means they only eat animal protein. Marbled salamanders are opportunistic predators that will eat any prey … Read more

Are Marbled Salamanders Poisonous?

Marbled salamander on moss

Marbled salamanders are common throughout much of the eastern United States. These secretive amphibians are easy to identify by the silvery cross bands along their bodies.  Marbled Salamanders have poison glands on their tails that produce a foul-tasting secretion as a defense against predators. This secretion is only mildly poisonous and is of no serious … Read more