33 Interesting Types of Salamanders in Florida (+ Pictures)

If you live in Florida and love salamanders, you’re indeed fortunate because there are plenty of different salamander species in this region. In fact, there have been recordings of at least 33 different salamander species in the state of Florida. Some of these salamanders are semi-aquatic (they live both on land and in the water), … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Salamander Eggs

Everything to know about salamander eggs

There are over 600 salamander species around the world. Most of these salamanders reproduce by laying eggs, usually in the water, but some species lay their eggs on land. There are salamander species lay as few as 6 eggs, but others can lay over 300 eggs in one breeding season! Some salamander species such as … Read more

What Long-toed Salamanders Do and Don’t Eat – Ultimate Guide

Long toed salamanders wild and pet diet

Long-toed salamanders are fairly small amphibians found in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. These salamanders get their name from the very long fourth toe on their hind feet, and can easily be identified by the bright green stripe that runs along their back. But what do long-toed salamanders eat? Like most salamanders, long-toed … Read more

24 Interesting Salamander Species Found in Ohio (+ Pictures)

Salamander species in Ohio

Ohio is home to 24 salamander species, with the most common species being the spotted salamander and the red-backed salamander among others.  These salamanders are silent, and spend most of the year hibernating, or hiding under rocks, logs, and other debris, so people rarely see them.  You are most likely to encounter one of these … Read more

Spotted Salamander Eggs: Facts & Identification (+ Pictures)

Like most salamanders, spotted salamanders (sometimes called yellow-spotted salamanders) reproduce by laying eggs. These eggs are laid in the water and attached to twigs, grass, or other vegetation just slightly below the surface of the water. Many spotted salamanders may lay eggs in the same place, so it is common to find dozens of egg … Read more

How Long Can Salamanders Stay Underwater? [4 Factors]

How long can salamanders stay underwater

We all know that salamanders love to spend a lot of their time in or around streams, ponds, or other water bodies. During the breeding season, it is common to see hundreds of salamanders migrating to ponds where they can swim freely and lay their eggs. But how long can salamanders stay underwater? Salamander larvae … Read more