Are Salamanders Poisonous?

Red Salamander

When most people see their first salamander, they call it a lizard. However, on closer examination, most notice that these creatures are nothing like Lizards. They have smooth, moist skin, much like frogs. This is because salamanders are amphibians closer to frogs than they are to lizards. Like most amphibians, salamanders produce poisonous secretions as … Read more

Are Tiger Salamanders Poisonous to Humans or Pets?

Are tiger salamanders poisonous

Tiger Salamanders are one of the largest terrestrial salamanders in the world. These beautiful amphibians can grow to be over 13 inches long and make great pets. Though a popular pet, many still wonder if tiger salamanders are poisonous.  Tiger salamanders produce mildly poisonous secretions from special glands on their tail, which makes them taste … Read more

What Do Tiger Salamanders Eat?

Tiger salamander eating a worm

Tiger salamanders are a popular pet due to their tame and non-aggressive nature. Like most salamanders, they are obligate carnivores, which means they eat prey instead of plants or vegetation. Tiger salamanders are opportunistic predators that will eat almost any prey they can fit into their mouths. Snails, slugs, earthworms, spiders, and insects make up … Read more